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tv   Local 12 First Four  CBS  February 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> good afternoon, everyone. thanks for joining us. we can see some snow showers across the tri-state >> meteorologist, scott dimmich, with precision doppler radar. >> good afternoon, everyone. we will likely stay cloudy to mostly cloudy with snow showers coming in. especially between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. initially, we will be favored northwest to cincinnati
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and northern kentucky. just be aware, maybe drops in visibility late this afternoon and later this evening, snow showers comes through. snow showers, implying snow, starts and stops. not everyone is going to see a snow shower at any given point late this afternoon and early this evening. we'll trade that to widely scattered snow showers and later on flurries in the evening. partial clearing comes as we get to clearing tomorrow. we're down to 11 degrees to begin the weekend. live precision doppler hd, snow flurries. harrison to interstate 74, close to downtown. there's some flurries over highland, adams, brown. sections of canton and campbell. southern claremont county with flurries and widely scattered flurries.
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close to interstate 75 and the far northern part of northern county. and also notice, more flurries and snow showers close to indianapolis. those are moving to the southeast. that's the reason why we expect the intensity of snow showers to peak late in the afternoon and early this evening. everything we have in the network of radar, to the northwest of the tri-state, is moving to the tri-state to time. the windchill is 14. coming up, we have scattered showers in the forecast. at times tomorrow, the weekend looks cold. we have a bigger system to track on sunday. we'll investigate that in 10 minutes. paula? >> to a breaking news alert. in arizona, two students are dead in a school shooting. >> two 15-year-old girls were shot in glendale, arizona. both girls were tenth graders.
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for a shooter. >> i could tell you, glendale police officers were on scene in less than two minutes and save a life, contains and log down the school. they were able to locate two of female students. they are 15-year-old. they are located them in an area just near the admin building. the scene. >> police don't know what relationship if any the two girls had. the presidential race takes a turn to the tri-state. >> president clinton wrapped a rally in clifton. jeff hirsh is live there. hi, jeff >> good afternoon. this is vintage. part policy walk, part revival preacher. whether you agree or disagree,
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unreasonably small building. another couple hundred in overflow room. of course, he was here to start with his wife hillary clinton. and he said hillary clinton is the best changed maker he's ever met. he said he's going to be the advocate for the people. said the republicans, some are demonnizing muslims. that's what hillary clinton and democrats will never do. he pointed there will be one to three supreme court nominations by the president. interestingly, he never mentioned bernie sanders by name. he said hillary's economics is far less likely to a recession. >> and lot of millennials are mad because they can't move out
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they have jobs they don't like that can't make the college repayment >> and i studied the demographic pattern, largest percentage of people, who start looking for a new job within 30 days of landing one. they are taking work to make their loan repavement. >> it's interesting that reference to millennials, because bernie sanders, everybody's grandpa, in terms of what he looks like is attracting at least in new hampshire and iowa, more young votes than hillary. when they move to ohio, far more diverse, latinos, they were favoring hillary. the ohio primary is march 15th.
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they want the folks here who came to support bill clinton and hillary clinton to get out there, start making phone calls and start knocking on doors. >> hard to believe it's that soon. and after leaving here, south carolina, to continue campaigning to his wife this weekend. >> police in columbus work two short auto motive, nasdaq restaurant. a man with a machete went on a rampage inside the restaurant. four people were hurt. detectives say the man visited the restaurant and talked with an employee. then he left and he returned with his weapon, half an hour later. police shot and killed the man after a brief car chase. we're told the two victims are in stable condition this afternoon. the third person critical and the other victim drove himself to the hospital. local man tried to cut the woman's head with a sword made his first court appearance. terry is locked up in the
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phillips attacked the woman at the home on holeman avenue there and told officers, he swung the sword at her neck but she ducked. the weapon hit him in the shoulder. doctors treated her injuries. police arrested him in his home in lexington earlier this week. a judge set his bond at $100 thousand. saving heroin users, is about to get easier. and he's often used to reverse the effects. beginning monday, the drug will be available in pharmacies. more than 200 will dispense narcan. senator portman and dewian, in support the company's efforts. senator portman, reviving someone is just the first step. the hope is to get them to treatment. >> we're glad kroger will
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prescription. they are providing consultation. as i said today, the consultation, you find somebody, when they come too, we need you to get into treatment. >> national pharmacies have made a lock zone available without a prescription. you're finding valentine's for your fury friends. >> i have friends who will be there. i'm not getting any fury friends. >> also ahead, first at 4:00, we'll take to the streets in your underwear. >> sure. >> why not. >> and there's a lady standing
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she through a handful of rice a . >> tri-state's largest happens tom mow. local rescue and shelter volunteers, bring the pets to the sharonville convention center in chester road. it's a chance to find the special fury love.
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tomorrow. >> hundreds of people are expected to bear all. the event raises money to fight the disorder. >> we'll have a story as well. the fun begins tomorrow with a party at noon. event follows at two. the party will continue until 4:00. >> this is a true love story. details of love at first site. 65 years. and central theme here, music. >> music for the people dancing. we didn't watch.
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blond lady man out there. i'm going to mary him. >> turns out marie was not so crazy after all. >> talked to my dad and everything. my dad wouldn't come back. he was over there the next day. >> two peas in a pod. date add year and married on valentine's day in front of a justice of the peace. two days after the 20th birthday >> married her. stamped our marriage license and put a gold seal on it. there was a lady standing with a basket full of rice. she threw a handful. >> and 65 years and five kids later, the memories are closer than you think. >> spent the years raising kids and riding motorcycles and tending to the property.
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grew old together. >> sunday sissel celebrating the anniversary >> another year. >> i mean, it's just another page in a box. >> it's a long book. the final chapter, still unwritten. . >> today, sissel's 85th birthday. they will celebrate with two cakes. cake for sissel and a cake together. >> noticed the key
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>> you are a married man. . >> pop tart flavors. >> and how to help a young girl. >> and precision doppler hd. some snow showers and flurries.
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snow showers. y.
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the annual ice festival. members of the central park are cancelling tomorrow's events much the national weather service predicting temperatures in the teens with wind chills minus 10. last month, free winter sports day, had to be cancelled because of the snow storm. >> it feels colder in the city. minus 35 windchill. around here. >> temperatures inching in the teens. several waves of snow to track in the next few days. when you talk about snow showers, that we are expecting late this afternoon. early this evening and 8:00 p.m. notice the coverage and intensity of snow showers as we get close to midnight. temperatures will start in the 20s this evening.
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midnight. the concern is there for some sudden drops in the visibility as bursts of snow comes through late in the afternoon, at least for the first half of the evening. snow showers and flurries and perhaps the early overnight. the main concern for bursts of snow, centers from 5:00 pn to 8:00 p.m. tonight. track them in the weather app. go to we send the snapshot of live precision doppler hd to our website. oxford, gray and gloomy. windchill 18. no precipitation, a the least measurable precipitation today. this is up in the star 64 transmitting tower. wind out of the northwest at 6:00.
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widely scattered snow showers in the tri-state. it looks like the visibility will be dropping late in the afternoon and early this evening. and then, we'll pick up tomorrow. be very cold late tonight. very cold overall in the weekend, especially with snow on the ground. instead of snow showers late this afternoon and early this evening, we have snow in the forecast on sunday. still working on specific amounts but i would bank on couple of inches of snow, late sunday to early monday. temperature 28. temperature 28 now will take it down a couple of degrees in the next couple of hours. as promised batch of snow showers we have late this evening and then we have additional development of snow
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valley this afternoon. these are widely snow showers. at best, pick up a tenth from anyone of the snow showers roaming through northern kentucky. mainly flurries. some snow showers possible here and northeastern part of highland county. main flurries, georgetown and bethel. northwestern warren county, extending to fayette and union and franklin county. these are snow showers, north of the columbus and indiana. and they are moving to the southeast. the visibility drops under two miles with snow coming through indianapolis. visibility maxes at 10 miles. when it drops to 2, that's a big drop in the visibility. visibility under a mile. late this evening, snow showers
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coming to an end. additional snow showers will come through tomorrow. then we'll have partial clearing tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening. here's the bigger swath of snow ond sunday. and our threat level through monday, is be aware. at this point, we're concerned for snow showers, early this evening. widespread snow sunday into monday. more on that coming up in about 20 minutes. 11 for the overnight low. breezy early this evening. and some filtered sun to close out the day. down ride cold on saturday. we're warmer next week. and we'll go through the i am packs of sunday, monday's event and take another check of radar coming in a bit. >> 50s >> thanks. >> and superhero for a day. young boy's dream come true.
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>> the armymy . >> very, very proud to present to you the medal of valor. >> gothham city has batman. nine-year-old dominique, always wanted to be a superhero. australian police, has to plan to make it happen. they sent them on a mission to rescue the kidnapped tv reporter.
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>> pulled off the rescue perfectly. >> when we're born, a number of people are there to welcome us to death. sadly, many die alone. >> when a homeless veteran recently passed away, people got together for an emotional ceremony. allen mcnamara shares a touching story of eden gilmor. >> he joined the army to serve his country and he was a hero. >> from what i've understand, he did, saved several lives to receive the purple heart. the reputation, he was in the 173rd calvary. :
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homeless. reverend mostly, checked in on had i am. >> i knew him in his latter days, probably about five years ago, when his health began to fail. i helped him move out of a house. and he started living in a taxi. >> gilmor drove and lived in a taxi. when mosley learned he died alone, she made a few phone calls. veterans, traveled to honor the purple heart recipients. mosley wasn't sure anyone would show up. >> >>. >> had no idea. i'm very sthangful and blessed. >> stranger said good-bye to a
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two helicopters flew over and one peeled off for a missing man formation. >> more than happy to have the united states army, to back me up, giving this all and soldier,
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>> sent el . >> plenty of people have big plans for valentine's day weekend. >> and will snow showers impact the evening? . >> surprising time foreseeing bursts of snow that could reduce the vis iblth, centers around 5:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m. tonight. we have additional waves of snow to track through the weekend. snow showers to start, snow that starts and stops.
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at times. temperatures centering around 20-25. lingering snow showers and flurries. and spar shall clearing will come overnight. eventually, we'll settle to 11 degrees in cincinnati. close to the east and to the northeast and cincinnati. dearborn, hamilton and sections, individual clusters and flurries are moving to the southeast. mainly flurries. georgetown, peebles, near hillsborough. the accumulations may be produced from this ban of snow to the northeast of hillsborough. and back towards wanesville and lebanon.
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between since that they and indianapolis. those will slide right down in the next couple of hours. temperatures in the 20s. there will be no rain mixing with snowflakes and snow showers. wind chills are in the teens for most. visibility maxed down to ten miles in many tri-state, that will not be the case in the next coming hours. more on snow tomorrow and the impact in the morning hour commute. >> and pope frances made a brief stop in cuba on his way to a trip to mexico. indiana, has a look on what the pope hopes to achieve. >> pope frances makes a quick stop to cuba. and the first such meeting in nearly a thousand years. the historic discussion comes, extremist attacks grow against
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while in mexico, the pope will try to tackle challenges here, including drugs and poverty. the pope mobiles are waiting for him in mexico city, where they were blessed by a priest. and his last stop will be here, the city of waurs, which borders el paso texas. more than 200 people will come here to see the pope celebrate mass on this specially made alter. >> the site of mass will be right close to the border. another site was offered to him other people. >> and new mexico diocese, received tickets to the waurs man. >> phone ringing off the hook. >> and it has in the past three months. >> and residents, hopes to see
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>> and what does the pope hope to bring to the city. >> said unity. everybody is so excited to see him. adre'anna diaz, cbs new mexico. >> and tomorrow, pope will tour mexico city during a busy first day of the country. roughly 85 percent of americans identify themselves as catholic. >> adrian moore shows us, doctors are calling the new approach gentle. >> >>. >> most important time is mom and baby. >> what they knock out in the surgical table has become a gentle process, . >> when we throw the baby in a mom's chest, keep the baby as close as possible, i think they are thrilled.
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dozens of babies, using the gentle c-section method and believes it's a healthy alternative, who want a low birth but require cesarian. >> instead of cutting the umbillical cord, the new approach uses the immediate, skin to skin contact in early breast fidding. and dr. maine, is concerned it could lead to an unnecessary increase in procedure. >> there's some worry, for a natural or gentle c-section because it could diminish the actual concern about overusage of the c-section. >> there could be some serious complications down the road, especially for women who have multiple children. >> one of the most important
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in the next pregnancy or next pregnancy after that. the placenta, is very deep in the muscle. >> and the natural birth is the healthiest way, they continue to
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rooms across the . >> it's going to cost extra to visit universal studios and florida. one day ticket, now costs $105. the cost to park ticket, that goes up $8. to 155. and then one day tickets for
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family of four, wishing to visit the university theme parks, expect to pay $110, excluding food, excluding souvenirs. >> there's a saying, with low gas prices, theme parks will be the real winners. it's still a lot of money. >> lot of cash. >> ohio company that's produced the etchia sketch. ohio art sold the etchia sketch, to spin master for an undisclosed price. the etchia sketch was created by a french investor. >> probably a good deal there. >> u.s. stocks, ended the down week in an upnote, finishing sharply higher. the strength of the energy and financial shelter.
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happy friday. >> did you notice paula's mood. serial maker, struggled as they looked for other breakfast options. and the company also plans to add fun new products like pop tarts and root beer and orange crush soda flavors. >> good no matter what. >> what did president obama and bill gates and brad pitt have in common? they met their significant others at work. more than one-third of workers had an office romance, 37 percent resulting in marriage. other hand, 30 percent says, they left their jobs because of an office romance went bad.
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20-30 years, you're dating someone at work, you were not allowed. that's where you meet >> real estate blog, looked at some of the popular unique gift that's googled in each state. buckeyes, they won a pan dora bracelet. kentucky, couples want tattoos. californians searched for a couples pajamas in hawaii. and up in cold new england, they want poetry, stuffed and man malls and chocolate. >> you don't want one of those big tedy bears. >> the giant vermont tedy bears. >> and here's what i think. i think you need to know the person you are buying for and get what makes them happy. >> struggle, you don't know who
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>> and . >> georgia clooney, is taking a break to highlight the refugee crisis. they met with german chanceler. germany taken the bulk of migrants.
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the hail cesar at the city's annual film festival. >> joe webb told us, he saw the movie. >> it does look funny. can't go wrong with the cohen brers. >> good police work turns into bad luck for a serial robbery suspect. zachary prince is charged with three robberies after a busy week. he's suspected in at least two other holdups. how prince actually narrowed the suspect's list down to just one. >> local people haven't had their heat in the apartment since back in october. no heat, you could imagine. as tough as winter has been, it's about to get even worst. they called richard jaffe to turn the heat up on the landlord.
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day, there's a newer way to give you more kissable lips. medical reporter, liz bonis shows us it's all in the delivery. >> uh-huh. >> sounds like a story. >> okay. . >> that's coming up at 6:00 and helps you guys at 5:00. >> take a look at traffic. >> and five. it's slow going at 4:47 in the afternoon. it's clear. snow is coming when. >> between now and 8:00. window of opportunity. take away number two, snow will increase in cover rag and intensity on sunday. come to an end in some areas early monday. two different waves of snow to watch in the next 72 hours of snow snow. hours or so.
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we have snow on the brain today. >> let's take a look at live precision doppler hd. these are snow showers coming through hamilton, boon and campbell county. individual clusters of widely scattered snow showers. flurries are moving to the southeast at 25 miles an hour. there will be flakes flying around, if you have family or friends coming back from work or school in a short term. if you're heading out and about in the next 30-60 minutes. northern kentucky will just see flurries. snow showers are starting to take shape. especially northern butler county, north, northeastern warren county, extending to clinton county. these snow showers are sliding to the southeast at 25-30 miles an hour. mainly flurries around the ohio river.
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seeman and visibility there. and notice, this is the most important thing to show you. these are snow showers and they are moving to the southeast. the visibility may be under a mile. late afternoon and early commute, flurries and snow showers will be marching in the heaviest burst of snow. visibility could be under a mile. if you have family or friend coming back to work or school, you may want to send them a text. let them know, snow showers are coming in. just be aware, anyone in the roads may find themselves in an intense burst of snow. visibility still high, looking into cincinnati.
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temperature, 29. snow will move in on sunday. i believe there will be lingering impacts from sunday and sunday night snow into the monday morning commute. >> and temperatures in the 20s for most. windchill down to the teens for some. 28 is the current temperature in the international airport. much of the evening between 20 hp 25. plenty cold for snow. the warm air to the south, is not coming our way in the next few days. satellite and raid -- data, shows clusters of snow showers and flurries coming through. mid to late morning. picked up two tenths an inch of snow with the round and we have more snow showers materializing, indianapolis back
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parts of 75, 71, well to the northeast, cincinnati. splochs of blue. snow showers moving through. notices the coverage and intensity will come down. later, some snow showers and flurries through the midnight hour. perhaps some flurries in spots through the overnight. some clearing getting close to sun rise tomorrow. when you tune in saturday, there's going to be flurries. they will be few and far between as they get to the lunch hour. i expect some clearing tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. that sloth of snow, in the tri-state on sunday. in the short term, we're concerned with snow showers.
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p.m. to 8:00 p.m. snow develops, but legitimate snow. it will increase in cover rag and intensity during the afternoon. at this point, plan on a couple of inches of snow. sunday afternoon through early monday, there may be additional accumulations with disturbances coming through monday and tuesday. plan on a couple of inches of snow. promise, we will get more specific in the forecast through the weekend. look for updates tomorrow morning, tomorrow night. sunday morning. sunday night, once we get into the event. overnight low tonight, 11 degrees. partial clearing coming late. some snow showers around 9:00 in the morning. perhaps lingering snow showers in the at noon. and very busy planning forecast. some snow showers early tomorrow.
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mix of rain and snow showers on monday much for now, overnight wednesday. that may have to be adjusted, depending on how much snow. we'll get specifics, back in the weekend and early next week. wouldn't you know it, high of 53 degrees, no kidding on friday. >> kroger says it will offer naturecan. >> and the spokesperson, ohio and kentucky ranked in the top five, when it comes to the highest death rates. we're asking on facebook to talk about this. there's no question, innocent people will be hit or killed as a result of the drug addict habits to continue. >> ems worker, we see the same
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they don't seek treatment. we may just be handing out heroin. >> while some people may never turn their lives around, some people will. it's not up to us to decide who is deserving. and allow them the chance to save their lives from then on >> she says, for the users themselves, the family members of the addicts who have come home and found their loved one overdose on the floor. most overdeaths occur because we don't get there chz thuf. you could add your comments and give us a like while you're there >> we told you, we will head to the fish fry. we will get out there at st.
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. >> biggest night in music, almost here. >> shows us, what's in store for monday night's grammy award. >> audiences could say good-bye to adel. performs song to the record smashing album, 25. taylor swift will open the show
4:58 pm
she's up for seven awards, album of the year, song of the year. she goes up against kendra lamar who wins with 11 nominations. and southern rockers 7 . and tribute to the late david bowie. >> she has something strong planned. >> and they will host the big of the night for the fifth consecutive year. says the show will be missed. >> people will be, i think they will blown away >> and losing o ut. >> and the grammys are also a forum for new artists, including soul singer, gray. >> and right now, i'm not too nervous. the day off, it will happen.
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susan marquez, cbs news, los angeles >> and surprises, too. the 58th grammy award show airs right here. >> local 12 news, live at 5:00. >> a serial robber, a local police officer makes an arrest. what led them to the suspect. >> shooting at a high school claims the lives of two young girls. >> former president bill clinton rallies today. this is local 12 news, live at 5:00. >> get ready for the weekend. >> erica collura is here. >> and good evening, to you. the main story for the evening, if you don't have to go out, don't have dinner plans and i'm
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evening, it's probably not a good idea to get out. >> and snow showers are going to add some issues, especially in the next couple of hours, 7:00 time frame, because tracking heavier showers. traffic is moving smoothly. winds are pretty breezy out of the west, northwest at 17 miles an hour. that's making it feel even colder. not only are we deal with having to win layers. we have to deal with the scattered snow showers around. problems. we have snow shower activity from fairfield to hamilton, just around the oxford area and northwest of middletown. this is moving pretty much south and east. we'll continue to move it


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